Join the TrimScience™ Challenge Guide

Utilizing Avini Health® Plus Fiber, Avini Health® Cell Defender, Avini Health® Trim Science weight loss drink mix, participants will compete in a weight loss and wellness challenge for an opportunity to win great prizes. To join the TrimScience Challenge, Click HERE.

1. Fill out the rest of the information below, including your first and last name, email, phone number, and Physical Address

Trim Science

2. If you want to participate in the TrimScience challenge, first click “Click here to read Rules and Regulations.” and read the rules for the Challenge. If you agree with the rules and regulations, click on the agree checkboxes.

3. Click on “Submit”

4. Now that you have agreed and submitted the form, click on “NEXT STEP: Click Here to get started!” button

5. It will take you to “Get started with your Profile in 5 easy steps!”. You can follow that guide to register your account or continue with this guide to assist you as well.” button

If you do not have an account click here to set it up

If you already have an Avini Event account click here to register for the TrimScience Challenge

The TrimScience Bundle (any flavor) is needed to be purchased here. Image of the bundle below

Register Your Avini Events Profile

1. Click the link here, click “Register” next to Log In on the top, put your email address, then click the “Register” button.

2. It will automatically take you to your dashboard, next step is to set up the password from the link in the email you will soon receive.

3. Login to your email account and wait for the registration email which looks like this.

4. Click the “Click here to set your new password” link first, set up your password

Password needs to be:

  • 12 Characters
  • 1 Upper case and 1 Lower case
  • 1 Special Character (Example: !@&*)

5. Click then click the “” link on the email, or click here to return to your dashboard

Password needs to be:

  • 12 Characters
  • 1 Upper case and 1 Lower case
  • 1 Special Character (Example: !@&*)

6. Click on “Weight Tracker” to begin the challenge. Click here to begin

Login to your Avini Events Profile

To login, click here

1. Put in your User Name and Password and click “Login”. Click the “Remember me” checkbox if you want it to make it easier to log in next time.

a. if you don’t remember your password, click the “Forgot Your Password?”.

2. This is the dashboard, proceed to click “Weight Tracker” to begin the challenge

Entering the TrimScience Challenge

The TrimScience Challenge begins Sunday, Jan 22, 2023, and ends on Friday, Apr 21, 2023 with 3 check in’s every 30 days. Click here for more details. To begin follow these steps:

Health Information

1. You will automatically be taken to the Health Information page, under “Target weight”, type in the weight you are striving to reach during this challenge

2. Put in the required information, it is highly recommended to opt into the challenges are they are designed to assist with weight loss, but are optional. Click “Save Changes” once the information is put in.

3. Click “Click here to move to Step #2 to add your first Entry the Avini Challenge”

Add Entries

1. Put in your entries for your current weight for the following dates.

  • 30 Day Check-In. Feb 20, 2023
  • 60 Day Check-In. Mar 20, 2023
  • 90 Day Final Submission. Apr 21, 2023

Make sure you answer the questions:

  1. Why is getting in better shape important to you?
  2. What is your weight loss goal for the TrimScience 90-day challenge?

2. Click each “Select Photo” button and add photos of you in a bathing suit holding the TrimScience product with view from the front, right side, left side, and back:

3. Submit your order number and your current waist size for that entry. If you don’t have the order number on hand go to step 3A below, if you already have the product number skip to step 4 below.

3A. On, click your profile name, click “My Orders” then copy the order number for the TrimScience bundle to be put into Step 3 above.

4. Click “Save Entry”

5. Now that your entry is saved you can navigate to “View Past Entries”, “View Before and After Photos”, or “View Your BMI” as these are information to see your soon 90 day transformation. That is what is needed to participate in the TrimScience Challenge. For more information about each informational tab click here

View Past Entries

To see your current progress and how far you need to go the View Past Entries tab will show you exactly where you are.


This is the physical proof that you have made progress (Great job to your soon to be new self!)

BMI Tracker

1. This is the best way to track where you are and where you are going on a scientific level. Below is the the Body Mass Index according to your height and weight.

2. Submit your Weight and Height into the BMI Calculator to see where you currently stand. You can check with Metric and Imperial

3. The system will calculate and tell you where you land

TrimScience 90-day challenge

For any questions or concerns here is the rules and regulations one more time. We here at Avini can’t wait to see your progress 90-days from now. Don’t forget have fun and be healthy!